When you need people
walking through the door.

VMS Board advertising is a cost effective form of marketing that can directly target your chosen audience. Your VMS Board message can be personalized to any age group or industry. We will work with you to create the best message for your VMS Board to ensure it stands out and grabs the attention of those who see it. VMS Boards are a compact unit which only require one car space. All our VMS Boards are full colour and multi screen allowing you to display as many messages as you choose. It is standard in our VMS Board range that all units are powered by solar.

For our Traffic Management and Civil Construction companies all VMS Boards in our range operate amber only text to coincide with work site legislation. We understand that operations in these industries move quickly and are happy to offer prompt message updates to keep up with your work site progress. Alternatively we can offer our clients access to their VMS Boards allowing them to update as they require.

We are the leading provider of VMS Boards in Perth so if you have an event, business or product to promote or a road safety message make sure you’re seen with one of our VMS Boards.

Get in touch with our local Perth office today to find out how one of our video boards can improve your business.