Video Boards are the latest addition to our Perth fleet. Unlike the VMS Board which is a text based board the Video Board screen has a pixel pitch of 10mm creating a high resolution screen with capabilities of displaying videos and images. This simple interface allows simple messages and imagery to be seen from a distance, making it ideal for promoting your business with attention-grabbing marketing messages.

We are the leading provider of Video Boards in Perth our boards allow you to display as many message screens as you like and can be made up of both images and text. Our Video Boards also have the capability to play video’s.

Our Video Boards are a compact unit which only require one car space, the screen on our video boards can be easily rotated to capture the highest volume of passing traffic. Our Video Boards have been supplied to a diverse range of Perth businesses.

Get in touch with our local Perth office today to find out how one of our video boards can improve your business.